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Lee Heating & Cooling: Residential and Commercial HVAC Services

Don’t wait to give the certified and experienced team at Lee Heating & Cooling a call if you’re having any trouble at all with your residential and commercial HVAC equipment. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent with a long list of chores, or a business owner with a long list of tasks, we can come up with a custom HVAC solution that will last well for years and years. All you need to do is let us know what you need. From the installation of new central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, ductless mini splits, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers, to geothermal and solar energy systems, we have a number of solutions to offer you. We work with spaces and budgets of all sizes.

Lee Heating & Cooling Lee Heating & Cooling

Here's What Our Clients Say:

Your team was very professional, courteous, neat and polite. I will recommend.

- Richard Miller -

Very professional gentleman went beyond expectations. I’m very satisfied with his work ethics and I feel secure with all that he did.

- Linda Severin -

Answered questions and concerns. Capable, efficient crew members with honest and professional demeanor.

- David H. from Spring Valley -

Beyond very good! Spectacular! Professional! Send these same guys back if the need arises!

- Augusta Simon -

Jake was very professional and extremely informative. Great service from crew. In and out quickly and quietly.

- Alan F. from Las Vegas -

Very professional and explained everything. Was very pleased with all work done. Thank you!

- Trish Schroeder -

Dion was the tech, and he was awesome, courteous, knowledgeable and incredibly efficient.

- Sidney F. from Henderson, NV -

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Our customers are the coolest!

Air Conditioning

Staying cool is not always as simple as turning on a fan and keeping the curtains drawn. In most climates, nothing but a whole–house air conditioning system will do. And we’re here to provide you with just that. From dedicated central air units that use an extensive network of supply and return ducts to send cooled air throughout the household to compact and high–efficiency ductless mini splits, there are several excellent options for you to consider. Moreover, our certified technicians also offer extraordinary air conditioning repair and routine AC maintenance services.


Considering a new furnace? Has your heat pump broken down? Would you like to maximize the energy efficiency of your heater with regular maintenance? Whatever your heating service needs may be, we have got them covered. Our technicians are trained to deal with a wide variety of heaters, including gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. That means that you can rely on just a single company for the full service life of your heating system. Repairs, maintenance check–ups, and new installations: get in touch with Lee Heating & Cooling today for winter comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

How clean is the air that you’re breathing inside the home? Do you wish that your humidity levels were a bit more balanced? Are you concerned about allergic reactions? We understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate as a homeowner, and with that in mind, we’re here to offer outstanding indoor air quality services for your entire space. We offer a number of reliable humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air filtration systems for installation, and we also service such equipment. All you have to do is give our team a call.

Solar Energy Systems

If you haven’t already explored solar, you should consider looking to the sun for outstanding energy efficiency and comfort. As a leading solar energy system service provider, we can handle just about anything that you could need, including the installation of solar panels and solar HVAC systems. We want to be your guide to solar electricity because this technology is not only highly beneficial in the short and long terms, but it’s also environmentally friendly and will make your home that much more self–sufficient.

Commercial HVAC

Taking care of your business requires patience, diligence and perseverance. But in whatever part of the country your business resides, you’ll need to think about your building’s HVAC system. Depending on the size, layout, and requirements of your space, there are plenty of options, including dedicated heating and cooling systems as well as solar and geothermal. We offer exceptional commercial HVAC services, including the installation and replacement of whole systems as well as emergency repair and routine maintenance.


You can also look to the ground just below your feet if you’re in the market for a high–efficiency heating and cooling solution. Geothermal technology is another fantastic option to consider for your household. It works much like an ordinary heat pump, but instead of absorbing and dissipating thermal energy into the air outside your home, it uses an underground "earth loop" to do so. This drastically reduces the energy consumption needed to operate a heat pump. We not only install new geothermal systems from scratch, but we also repair and maintain them. Call Lee Heating & Cooling today.

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