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Geothermal Services

There are plenty of different options when looking for a new HVAC system. There are systems that require ducts and those that don’t. There are systems that heat and cool, and there are dedicated machines. There are systems of all sizes and costs. But geothermal is unique. Geothermal uses the ground just below the surface on your property as an energy source. Depending on the season, it is capable of either heating or cooling your home, and it does so in a highly energy efficient manner.

Curious? We’re sure you have questions, and we’ve got plenty of information and advice to give you. Our trained and experienced technicians are ready to take care of your geothermal service needs, be it with a new system installed from scratch, a quick repair or routine maintenance. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Lee Heating & Cooling!

What Is Geothermal?

We get this question a lot. As its name suggests ("geo" = earth; "thermal" = heat), a geothermal system is a type of HVAC unit that utilizes thermal energy from the earth just below your feet. Why is this a good source? Unlike the extreme temperature fluctuations within the air that swirls around an ordinary heat pump, the relatively moderate year–round temperature of the ground below the surface offers outstanding energy efficiency.

Just like an ordinary heat pump, your geothermal system uses ductwork, refrigerant and a reversing valve capable of moving refrigerant in two directions. But, in addition, we install an underground "earth loop" filled with water or an anti–freeze mixture that absorbs and dissipates thermal energy. The two systems cooperate to keep you warm and cool year–round.

Benefits of Our Geothermal Systems

There are various benefits to geothermal system installation. One of the most important is reducing your reliance on electricity and other fuels to stay cool and warm throughout the year. Not only does this make your home more self–sufficient, but it also helps you reduce the cost of comfort in the short and long terms. They are also environmentally friendly.

Another benefit is that these systems tend to last a good long while, as much as 10 years longer than conventional systems. When professionally installed and serviced, your geothermal system will provide years and years of outstanding performance and value. While the upfront cost is a bit higher than other systems, this is an investment in the future of your homestead. We can give you all of the details when you reach out to our team.

We Fix and Maintain Geothermal HVAC Units

In addition to providing our clients with new geothermal installation (as well as replacing older models when they break down), we can also fix and troubleshoot your system. Let us make certain that your geothermal heat pump is in great working condition at all times. If you notice that it’s making a loud noise, that it fails to provide decent heating and/or cooling, or it fails to turn on, even when you adjust the thermostat, let our team know. We also offer geothermal maintenance, which is the best (and only) way to keep your system operating like new. Contact Lee Heating & Cooling today.