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Commercial HVAC Services

What does your business need to thrive? Is it making sure that your customers feel comfortable when they walk in the door? Is it making sure that your employees feel comfortable enough to be productive at work? Whatever commercial enterprise you’re involved in, having an effective HVAC system is critically important to making sure that your business operates smoothly. We can help it do just that. We offer exceptional and comprehensive commercial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Let our team of qualified and highly skilled technicians make sure that your commercial space is conducive to getting work done and keeping customers satisfied. We offer extraordinary commercial HVAC services that will ensure a reliable and efficient system for years to come. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

What Type of Commercial HVAC System Do You Need?

It can be tough to sort out what type of commercial HVAC system would be right for your space. The type and power of that system must match your budget, what type of business you’re in, and also the square footage of your space. If you want to make certain that your commercial HVAC installation is done right, get in touch with us. Let’s consider some of your options.


Unless you want a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling within the same system, you’ll want to find a gas or electric furnace that will be appropriate to your particular needs. We offer a variety of heating systems, including high quality furnaces, and we can match one to your specific requirements.

Air Conditioning

In our climate, we all know how expensive it can be to run your commercial air conditioner 24/7. But when appropriately selected and installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about such matters. We can make sure that your central AC unit meets your needs.

Has Your Commercial HVAC System Broken Down?

As you know all too well, sometimes commercial HVAC systems break down. At times like those, you can’t just wait for the problem to fix itself or risk putting your system in danger by attempting a DIY repair. We offer comprehensive commercial HVAC repair services, and we can handle any major make or model. If you notice that your system makes a strange noise, fails to provide you with an even heating and cooling experience, or is otherwise not turning on and off when it should, we can help.

Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance Is Essential

Because of how much wear and tear commercial heating and cooling systems undergo during the summer and winter months, it’s imperative that you have yours regularly maintained. That means routine cleaning of all major components to remove debris that can cause inefficiency and damage, an inspection of your system to find any small problems before they begin to cause major trouble, and a tune–up of all major components. Let our technicians know what you need for your business to operate smoothly. Call Lee Heating & Cooling today.