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About Lee Heating & Cooling

What would the modern home be like without a heating and cooling system? A lot less comfortable, for one. When considering a whole-house air conditioner to keep the summer heat and humidity within reason, or an air purifier to keep contaminants out of your lungs, make sure you work with a company absolutely committed to your satisfaction and convenience: Lee Heating & Cooling. We want to make sure that your residential or commercial HVAC service needs are met. We offer a wide range of HVAC and solar equipment for installation as well as various services designed to restore and improve such equipment. Reach out to our trained and certified technicians today.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We know that despite living in an age of information, finding a quality company who truly cares about what it’s doing is tough. At the core of all of our heating, cooling, solar, and indoor air quality services is a commitment to customer service. When you invite us into your home or commercial building to repair a broken furnace or meet with you about choosing a new AC unit, we want you to feel comfortable. We take every precaution to keep your space clean and tidy, and we work efficiently to ensure that the job is not only done right, but quickly so that you can get back to doing what you need to do.

We Provide HVAC Service Excellence

As you peruse our site, you’ll see the various services that we offer. While there’s no shortage of equipment that we install and service, of course, you should know that we prize quality over quantity any day. When properly installed and serviced, your HVAC system should last a good long while. We want to make sure that yours receives exactly that. Many of our technicians are certified by North American Technical Excellence, which is a highly regarded association that allows us to keep our industry knowledge up to date and our skills sharp. What this means for you is quality work done on time. It’s as simple as that.

What We Can Do for Your Home or Business

As you can see from our various websites, we have an investment in the comfort and convenience of our customers. We aim to be your one–stop company for all things related to residential and commercial HVAC and solar energy services. That includes not only the installation of new equipment, of course, but also the repair and maintenance of your existing equipment. Let’s take a look at some things we can do for you.

  • Take advantage of solar! We offer comprehensive solar energy system installations, including solar panels and solar air conditioners. These systems are more energy efficient than ever, so don’t wait another season to start saving money.
  • Take control of your indoor air quality. It’s not enough to think only of temperature when it comes to your comfort. You also need to make sure that your humidity level is just what it ought to be, and also that toxic contaminants aren’t running rampant in your home. We offer several ways to do so.
  • Maintenance is everything. If you’re not currently having a professional take care of your HVAC system throughout the year, then you’re missing out on some key benefits, including improved efficiency and performance, as well as extended system longevity.

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial HVAC service provider, then give us a call. We can take care of just about anything.